Organization Department

The party committee’s organization department is a functional department of the party committee in charge of organizational work. Under the leadership of the university’s party committee and the guidance of superior organization departments, the department is responsible for the university’s middle-level cadre team building, primary party organization building and party member team building. Its main duties are as below:

1. Work out the overall plan, annual work plans and work summaries for the university’s organizational work.

2. Work out the university’s cadre team building plan, and be responsible for the selection and appointment, deployment and communication, education and training, management of archives of middle-level cadres, etc.

3. Supply cadres, select and investigate deputy county (city/district) heads in charge of science and technology and poverty-alleviation cadres.

4. Cooperate with superior departments to do a good job in the construction of university-level leadership.

5. Prod and inspect the university’s primary party organization building and conduct the annual assessment of primary party organization building.

6. See to the university's primary party organization’s setup and election.

7. Be responsible for the education and management of the university’s party members, the transfer of party membership, and the collection and management of party membership dues.

8. Be responsible for the management of the database of cadres and party members, statistics reporting and document filing.

9. Handle complaints, letters and visits from party members in conjunction with relevant departments or independently.

10. Cooperate with the discipline inspection commission to strengthen the construction of a clean administration, as well as the integrity and self-discipline of leading cadres.

11. Complete other work assigned by superior counterpart departments and the university’s party committee.